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Providing autonomous weeding solutions, mechanical design, electronics and software/firmware engineering services!

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We are developing a very compact autonomous robot to be used in mid-size organic farms for herbicide-free weeds control. This will allow farmers to expand their operations because they will no longer be limited by available manpower.

Our robot, „P.A.S.T.I.R.“, uses Artificial Intelligence
and Computer Vision to differentiate weeds from the planted crop then uses a powerful laser to destroy them.

Advanced prototyping services. Prototypes may be built from laser-cut aluminum or other metals, 3D printed components, and folded sheet metal.

Explore your ideas with lean, milestone-based pricing. We will bring your sketch from an A4 paper into reality.



In need of a custom electronic circuit? We can design and manufacture circuit prototypes for a wide variety of applications, be it sensor reading broadcasting or actuating a custom robotic arm or a CNC machine.

Our solutions can range from a simple Arduino-based PCB to advanced uses of the latest STM series chips or even integration of SBCs like Raspberry Pi or Nvidia Jetson.

Stuck with "dumb" hardware? Bring it to life with our programming expertise! We can suit your custom software needs with C, C++, C#, Python, Rust, JavaScript, Java, and much more.

We can even build and maintain your website, like ours!



Want to automate a mindless, repetitive task, or optimize your existing processes by using fewer inputs? This can sometimes be done using AI, or Artificial Intelligence. We have mastered the application of CNNs or Convolutional Neural Networks.

With this technology we can use a live feed from a dedicated camera to instantly process visual information, detect objects and make subsequent decisions to automate or optimize your chosen application.

First prototype vision test (2019.)

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